Siyavula Education has launched its #1MillionMathsChallenge, which will see South African learners from Grades 8-12 to complete 1 million maths questions on its digital learning platform in the month of October.


The challenge was introduced to kick-start learner preparation for the year-end exams.

In July, as part of a $50 million (over R600 million) commitment to address global learning gaps, Google granted $1,5 million (over R20 million) to the non-profit organisation to provide free access to its maths practice service for 300 000 South African and Nigerian learners.

In a statement, Google Programme Manager for Education Nick Cain says both Google and Siyavula harness technology to make information and education more accessible.

“We want to demonstrate how powerful this can be by providing learners with access to this tool during their preparation for exams,” says Cain.

Siyavula Education Director Neels van der Westhuizen says the primary aim is to encourage learners to practise in preparation for the upcoming exams.

“We believe that practice is a very effective way of improving mastery and performance in mathematics. The combined goal of completing 1 million practice questions is to give learners a sense that they are not working alone,” says Van der Westhuizen.

Some 150 000 learners from low-fee public schools who participate in this challenge will be eligible to receive a Google-sponsored scholarship that grants them access to Siyavula maths practice for all of 2018.

A nationwide maths challenge has been launched to help learners prepare for examinations

“The second aim is to use it as a way of distributing the 150 000 Google-sponsored subscriptions to Siyavula Practice to learners from low-fee public schools for 2018. We will offer a sponsored subscription to the first 150 000 learners from low-fee public schools who participate in this challenge,” says Van der Westhuizen.

Grade 12 learners will be able to practise self-marking exam questions for Mathematics Paper 1 and Paper 2.

In addition to learning and preparing for exams, learners will receive various prizes and rewards from Siyavula, such as data, mobile phones and Google Play vouchers, during October.

“We announced it on 27 September and the first official question was completed then. Since then, thousands of learners have jointly completed more than 450 000 questions online and every day, more learners and schools are joining the challenge,” says Van der Westhuizen.

To join the #1MillionMaths challenge, prepare for exams and stand a chance to receive one of the 150 000 Google-sponsored subscriptions for 2018, learners can visit the Siyavula website at siyavula.com, register for a trial account and use the access code, siyavula-one-million-maths. This code will grant them premium access until 15 December and allow them to participate in the challenge.