Alison Andrew

Being a teacher to me is not a calling or vocation but rather a profession and one I take

seriously. I am investing my time and knowledge and passion in

cultivating a love of learning in others. I hope to inspire my students to question

everything. It is curiosity that enables us to challenge our beliefs, expand our

perceptions and consequently, learn more about one another.


As a History Teacher, I thoroughly enjoy exploring untold narratives and

questioning ‘truths’. I believe the past should never be forgotten but rather

investigated, pulled apart and critiqued. My purpose as a teacher aligns with

what Kierkegaard said, “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be

lived forwards”. 


I think that teachers play a vital, yet undervalued, role in society. Teaching

young women is a passion of mine especially today, in 2017 and here, in South

Africa. Creating independent, critical thinkers with the skills and self-confidence to

tackle any obstacle or lead in any endeavour is my ultimate goal.

While ‘final outcomes’ and assessment results do matter to a degree, I believe the

true mark of a successful teacher rests in the commitment to constantly learn,

always adapt and consistently spark interest.