Starting the work routine early

During the first few days of school, children have almost no homework and may still be in the holiday mood, but it is important for parents to grab this opportunity to get their child into the habit of working.


This may require you to get your child to practise their spelling or maths or even read a book when they don’t have homework.

Schedule homework time for your child every day in order to keep the momentum going

Here are some tips from Sylan Learning and The Child Development Institute that you could use to get this process going:


Set up a study station

In a world filled with technology, your children can easily be distracted. Work together with them to create a healthy study station, away from distractions and noise.

Keep track of important due dates together

Now that schools are open, children can easily be bombarded with test and project dates. Put up a calendar with all the important dates where both you and your child can see it.

Schedule time for homework every night

Many children fall into the trap of doing their homework very close to deadline and end up struggling to complete it because they had not anticipated the difficulty of the work. Schedule homework time for your child every day in order to keep the momentum going.

Turn off electronic devices

Make it a rule in your house that during a certain time of the day, all TVs, phones, radios and video games will be turned off so as not to create distractions. This way your child will be more focused on their work.

Develop a study plan

Proper planning is essential to ensure your child is organised when it comes to knowing what it is that they need to do, so teach them to have a study plan and a checklist for different subjects.


Think positively

It is important to remain positive when studying, especially when delving into a difficult subject, because this could mean the difference between passing and failing.