Setting academic goals

The school year is just about to start and what better way to kick off your child’s academic year than to set goals?


It is a norm for adults to have New Year’s resolutions and more and more parents are getting their children into the swing of things as well.

For children, January is not just the beginning of a new year, but also when they go back to or start school. It marks a series of new challenges.

According to the bestselling book The Secret (Simon & Schuster), “when you are visualising, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe”.

Take a moment with your child to look back to last year and think about what can be done a bit better. Could it be that they want to get a B instead of that C? Perhaps they want to get full colours for sports or excel in their mathematics class.

Get your child to write down their goals and put up this list where they can see it every day

Author of Goal Express (Deer Crossing), Jim Wiltens, provides five steps to setting goals:

  • Write it down: Put pen to paper and write that goal down. Example: “I want to get academic full colours.”
  • Make it specific: Being specific about one’s goals helps one rationalise and be realistic about what it is one really wants. Example: "I want to be able to get an A on every test and assignment."
  • Consider pros and cons: Pros:“It will be rewarding to know that I was able to work hard enough.”
    Cons: “I already do two hours of homework every day. Adding an extra hour for studying every day and two hours on the weekend will help me reach my goal.”
  • Define small steps by asking the Three Ws: "Who can help?" Talking to my teachers about extra lessons.
    "What do I need to do?" Spend more time studying.
    "When?" An extra hour every day.
  • Monitor progress: Example: “Asking my parents to give me spot tests more often so that I can ready for the bigger ones.”

No matter the goal, get them to write it down and put it up where they can see every day as a reminder.

Tip: Add some colour and pictures to these goals to make them eye-catching and inspiring.