Get your matriculant geared up for finals

This is the final stretch of your child’s high school career and let’s be honest, the pressure is on.


No parent wants to be wiping away tears when the 2018 matric results come out, so why not prevent this heartache by preparing your child for their final exams?

“Now is the ideal time for them to make resolutions about committing to their future success and structuring their learning,” says Nola Payne, Head of Information Technology at the Independent Institute of Education.

Have your child prepare for exams well in advance

Find a designated study area

With time and focus, even the most difficult subjects can be mastered. This is why your child needs to find a practical place in which to study. Most of the time, children end up studying at home, but that is not always the best solution. “If you do not have access to a dedicated space, investigate the options at educational institutions and public libraries,” says Payne.


Identify peak times

Children are not the same when it comes to studying – while some might be more productive early in the morning, others do better late at night. Your child needs to identify which part of the day suits them best and schedule their study times around it. According to Counselling Psychologist and Head of Work Integrated Learning at the South African College of Applied Psychology Raydene Naidoo, “once your child knows their peak times, ask them to schedule their most challenging subjects in that period, and schedule the easier ones in off-peak hours”.


Have a realistic weekly schedule

It is easier to talk about having a study timetable, then actually follow one. When your child puts a timetable together, ask them to be realistic about extra-mural activities, events and sleep. “Do not eliminate outside interests and events, as this will make your child bored and demotivated. It’s important to maintain a balanced life and schedule. However, be picky about what you allow,” says Payne. Avoid too many late-night activities, which could affect your child’s productivity the following day.


Seek help earlier

Many matriculants fall into the trap of studying later in the year and coming under a lot of pressure. Studying earlier in the year is important because it allows your child to recognise their weaknesses and seek help before it’s too late.