Get into the reading habit today

Reading is not only important when your child starts school. It plays a vital part of your child’s academic growth and it is beneficial for your child to get into the momentum from an early age.


According to Amanda Morin, author of The Everything Parent’s Guide to Special Education and a former teacher, “your child needs to develop good reading habits at home before they even learn how to read”.

Surprise your child with a book in their line of interest

Here are a few tips you could use to get your child on board:


Read consistently

Once you get on the reading train, do not get off. “If you make reading to your child part of your daily routine, he’s likely to grow,” says Morin. Choose a day in the week, or allocate an hour in the day when reading is the only thing on the menu. Be strict about this and get your child used to it. 

Read with your child

Not all children are disciplined enough to read on their own, so take that time to bond and read with your child. “Fix a time when you and your little one can read different books together,” says blogger Zahra Motorwala. 

Use reading to spark a conversation

Don’t let the reading momentum end once the book is closed – discuss it and come up with different scenarios.

Make trips to the library

Let your kid get used to having books around. Leave her alone at the kids’ section to discover different books,” says Motorwala.

Find out what your child is interested in

It is important for you as a parent to take an interest in the kind of books your child likes. This way, when you surprise your child with a book in their line of interest, they will be excited.

Read by example

Children tend to learn habits from others, which is why parents and older siblings should incorporate reading into their own lives. This way, your child will see that reading is a norm in the home and follow it.