Activate a balanced lifestyle for your kids

When it comes to balance, children seem to always want to do things their own way until mum and dad have to reel them in.


It is important for parents to get their children into a routine for their benefit.


“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create,” says blogger Jana Kingsfold.

It is important for a child’s lifestyle to be balanced

Here are some tips from Corinne from The Pragmatic Parent on how to activate a balanced lifestyle for your child:


Resting is of great importance

Children tend to live very active lives, which means they need to be well rested evey morning. Be strict with your child’s bedtime so that they get eight hours of sleep.


Balanced meals are essential

It is very important that your child follows a balanced diet in order for them to be productive. Be mindful of this when preparing your child’s breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Staying physically active

Not all children are fans of joining sports teams, but having your child get involved in more physical activities could help keep them healthy. This could be as simple as getting them to take the dog for a walk, having them swim often, taking walks as a family, or going with them to gym.


Reading for learning and fun

Reading is important for a child’s development. Don’t leave it up to the school to get them reading – take your child to the local bookshop and get them into the habit of finding books.


Healthy relationships

Relationships have a big influence on how children interact, so teach your child to build healthy ones with friends and family. Teach them to walk away from toxic relationships and value good ones.